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International Coatings Co. now offers water-based discharge base and activator products for use on 100%-cotton fabrics. ICC’s 3703 Discharge Base and 3709 Discharge Activator are described as easy to use, clean quickly with water, and are ideal for today’s fashion demand for softer textures and washed-out looks. The discharge ink can be used as a standalone product, as an underbase, or in combination with other inks. The products can be mixed with discharge-compatible pigments for what ICC calls a bright color tint after discharge, or printed over a discharged area with plastisol or water-based inks for additional effects. The discharge system also can be sprayed over a printed design. International Coatings Co., 13929 E.166th St., Cerritos, CA 90702-7666, 562-926-1010, fax:  562-926-9486, Web:


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