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Need to produce a discharge for indigo-dyed denim? You can combine Matsui’s Binder 801 and Printgen 801 for a solution that Matsui claims is stable and performs well under a variety of curing procedures. Binder 801 is a white paste that consists of a poly-acrylic co-polymer and offers a viscosity of 30,000 mpa-s. Printgen is a pale, yellow liquid that consists of a chlorine compound and offers a viscosity of less than 20 mpa-s. Several Neo pigments can be used in the mixing process, including Neo Yellow FG, Neo Gold Yellow FGR, Neo Red MFB Conic, Neo Violet MIIFB, Neo Navy Blue MB, Neo Blue FFG, Neo Brilliant Blue FG, Neo Green FB, and Neo Black #9. A white pigment can be used to increase brightness. Matsui Int


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