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LexJet 11 Mil Display Film SUV with PreLume is designed for optimal compatibility with solvent, low-solvent, and UV inkjet printers. The film, which is also available in 6- and 16-mil thicknesses, is a satin-coated, coextruded, rigid film that LexJet says is resistant to scratching and lays flat, straight, and true for display applications. Display Film SUV is engineered for 100% opacity, quick drying, and extended whiteness. The film is available in 36- and 54-in. (914- and 1372-mm) widths. LexJet, 1680 Fruitville Rd., 3rd Fl., Sarasota, FL 34236, 941-330-1210, 800-453-9538, fax: 941-330-1220, Web:


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