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Drytac bills its new Reel E-Z Display as a system for hanging and changing ceiling graphics without ladders, tools, or screws. Reel E-Z Display is compatible with standard T-bar suspended ceilings and is retractable so that one person can change graphics from the floor. The system clamps into the ceiling grid by way of a squeeze-open spring, and graphics may be classified as non-permanent because no screws are used. Reel E-Z Display can accommodate graphics up to 2 lb (0.90 kg) in weight with maximum drop distances of 15 ft (4572 mm). Adapters are available for drywall and open ceilings. Drytac Corp., 5383 Glen Alden Dr., Richmond, VA 23231, 804-222-3094, fax: 804-226-2330, Web:


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