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Accenta says its FabricWall goes from folded to fabulous in ten seconds flat. The graphic panel (not included) attaches to the frame, and magnetic locks snap the structure into place. Hook and loop fasteners affix the panel to the structure, which can be broken down to fit into a nylon duffel bag. FabricWall is made of aluminum and built on a system of 29.5 x 29.5-in. squares. It comes in four sizes: 59 x 88.6 in. (1450 x 2251 mm), 88.6 x 88.6 in. (2251 x 2251 mm), 118 x 88.6 in. (2997 x 2251 mm), and 118 x 118 in. (2997 x 2997 mm). The frame’s depth is 11.75 in. (298 mm). Options include carrying case, 200-w spotlight, and support foot. Accenta Inc., 2200 Tall Pines Dr., Bldg. 110, Largo, FL 33771, 888-675-4500, e-mail:, Web:

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