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Onyx Graphics now offers support for the Agfa :Anapurna L and XL UV inkjet printers. The driver for the printers is available for use with Onyx ProductionHouse Version 7 software. Key features include Pantone spot-color matching, contour-cutting workflow, and automatic job nesting. The Onyx drivers also include support for other Agfa :Anapurna features, including CMYKLcLm and CMYKLcLmW ink configurations and imaging resolutions of 363 x 727, 363 x 545, 363 x 363, 363 x 272, 363 x 182, and 182 x 182 dpi. ProductionHouse Version 7 software can be dowloaded at Onyx Graphics, Inc., 6915 South High Tech Dr., Salt Lake City, UT 84047, 801-568-9900, 800-828-0723, fax: 801-568-9990, Web:


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