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DTG Training Academy Hosted By Equipment Zone

This DTG Training Conference is for business owners, entrepreneurs and innovators in the Decorated Apparel Industry.




dtg-academy invitation

(PRESS RELEASE) Equipment Zone is to host this training event based on sold out live events experience and previous online training events. We’re combining our professional training staff with other subject matter experts from within the industry and successful business owners to create the most effective virtual DTG training conference possible.

This isn’t a hidden sales pitch surrounded by the typical hype and hustle — this event is all about training.

Spend an afternoon with 14 industry leaders and experts who will get to the point quickly when they discuss what it takes to operate a successful apparel decoration business in 2021. All topics will be under 15 minutes! Of course, a large portion of the training and discussions will be centered on the Epson family of DTG printers. Equipment Zone is a proud elite reseller for Epson and has sold the most Epson DTG printers in North America. Included in this training event is LIVE printing from our Certified Solutions Center in New Jersey.

Timothy Check, and Matthew Rhome from Epson America are both presenting. Other training partners include: Adrienne Palmer, Screen Printing magazine — Ken White, Cotton Heritage — Paul Zingone, Vastex International — Mel Lay, Allmade Apparel — Dane Clement, Great Dane Graphics/Stahl’s. Some of the timely training topics included in the DTG Training Academy are:

  • Apparel Decoration Trends – What’s in Store for 2021
  • Can I Really Print on Tri-blends with my DTG printer?
  • Which T-shirts Print Best and Why?
  • The Critical Nature of the Pretreatment Process
  • Selling More Merch Online
  • LIVE Printing With the New Epson F3070 Industrial DTG Printer

Register for free here: webinar/register.

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Let’s Talk About It

Creating a More Diverse and Inclusive Screen Printing Industry

LET’S TALK About It: Part 3 discusses how four screen printers have employed people with disabilities, why you should consider doing the same, the resources that are available, and more. Watch the live webinar, held August 16, moderated by Adrienne Palmer, editor-in-chief, Screen Printing magazine, with panelists Ali Banholzer, Amber Massey, Ryan Moor, and Jed Seifert. The multi-part series is hosted exclusively by ROQ.US and U.N.I.T.E Together. Let’s Talk About It: Part 1 focused on Black, female screen printers and can be watched here; Part 2 focused on the LGBTQ+ community and can be watched here.

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