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Those who use conventional methods to produce screens but are investigating computer-to-screen technology to the prepress department may find NuArc’s TriLight CTS the tool of choice when making the transition. Two outer latches provide access to a glass-and-vacuum blanket that can handle screens up to 52 x 60 in. (1321 x 1524 mm). A center latch bypasses the glass and vacuum in favor of an adjustable CTS rack system for exposing direct-to-screen stencils directly to the light. NuArc says the separation provided by the rack system eliminates the smearing and distortion that can result from screen-to-glass contact. TriLight CTS comes standard with computerized and programmable integrator/controller, and the entire exposure workflow can be completed with a single keystroke. A 6-kW multi-spectrum metal-halide lamp serves as the light source, and NuArc’s Proportional Temperature Control continuously monitors lamp temperature and turns cooling fans on and off to maintain an optimum working environment. The lamp idles at 1 kW. The light source and vacuum frame are completely enclosed, and the exposure lamp can


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