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Durst Phototechnik AG, Brixen, Austria, has begun building its Research Centre for Inkjet Technology in Lienz, Austria. The facility, expected to be inaugurated in 2009, will be constructed of steel and glass and will be the home for more than 20 scientists, physicians, chemists, and electronics engineers who will focus on technological research into printheads, fluids, and high-velocity/high-volume data processing. The scientists will provide support to the developmental teams located in Lienz and Brixen.

The new Research Centre is a collaboration between Durst, the University of Graz, and its various research centers, including Christian Dobbler Institute, Nano Technology, and Joanneum. The building will be four stories high and cover an area of 12,917 sq ft (1200 sq m). Durst says the shape of the building resembles that of a rock crystal, harmonizing with the surrounding Dolomite mountains and symbolizing the long-term constant development of solid knowledge.

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