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DyeTrans models 7880 and 9880 are now available from Condé. The company says both systems provide digital decorators a way to upgrade from a smaller transfer system to a commercial grade setup that offers larger prints, faster speeds, lower costs, and higher reliability. DyeTrans 7880 and 9880 support 24-in.-wide and 44-in.-wide (610-mm and 1118-mm) roll-fed printing, respectively, and can be used to produce floor mats, baby blankets, car mats, and more. Each can be configured as a dedicated DyeTrans sublimation printer or as a DyeTrans DUO2 printer capable of producing both sublimation and heat-transfer prints. Available bulk ink cartridges can be refilled via 1-liter ink bottles. Condé Systems, Inc., 5600 Commerce Blvd. E., Mobile, AL 36619, 251-633-5704, 800-826-6332, fax: 251-633-3876, Web:


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