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Garment screen printing is a process that allows newcomers to start small, sometimes with home-made equipment in a garage, and operate under a limited budget when setting up shop for the first time. As these nascent businesses mature and seek faster, more flexible equipment, it’s important that they be able to select an automatic press that not only delivers quality and valuable functions, but also is affordable. After all, not every operation can handle a massive investment in an automatic garment-printing press, particularly when the company is making its initial moves into dramatically increasing its output.

A.W.T. World Trade, Inc. designed its Econo-Tex Automatic multicolor garment press to accommodate the screen printers who need productivity at a competitive price. The company bills its new Econo-Tex as an entry-level machine with high-end features, some of which are only available as options on other automatic systems. And A.W.T. notes that Econo-Tex features heavy-duty, vibration-free construction for a long, reliable work life.

Econo-Tex is available in servo- and pneumatic-drive models. Each version comes in 12 different configurations, from a 10-station/six-color press with either a 16 x 18-in. (406 x 457-mm) or 18 x 22-in. (457 x 556-mm) print area to a 12-station/10-color press, also with either a 16 x 18-in. or 18 x 22-in. print area. The presses support a maximum frame size (outer dimensions) of 24 x 35 in. (610 x 889 mm) for the 16 x 18-in. print area and 25 x 36 in. (635 x 914 mm) for the 18 x 22-in. print area. A.W.T. says the Econo-Tex can print more than 75 dozen pieces/hr.

All Econo-Tex presses come standard with a full set of squeegees, floodbars, and aluminum platens treated with heat-resistant rubber, as well as PLC-driven controls, foot-pedal controls, touchscreen programming, control-screen-based diagnostics and troubleshooting, microregistration, indexer, central off-contact, and job-countdown function on the digital control panel. The presses also support sample and single prints, and they offer a misfeed non-print feature for single and double index, automatic printhead return to park position, four-point off-contact, freewheeling indexer, tool-free changeover to minimize downtime between jobs, controls for squeegee/floodbar pressure and angle, air-pressure controls for squeegee and floodbar, adjustable side frame holders, and more. Users can program up to nine print strokes and double index and actuate the press by way of an automatic-start foot pedal. Among the safety features built in to protect operators are cable lockout, safety loops, an instant-stop system, and emergency-stop buttons located on the control panel and printheads.

The Econo-Tex offers remote hardware and software diagnostics by phone or Internet (via built-in modem or Internet-ready connection with machine purchase) for worldwide instant service. Options and accessories include Slide-Flash infrared flash-cure units, Q-Flash quartz flash-cure units, misfeed non-print feature via foot-pedal control, motor-driven printheads, servo drives, pneumatic frame clamps, additional two-piece squeegee holder, additional all-aluminum floodbars, one-piece winged floodbars, a variety of platens (T-shirts, pants, pockets, sleeves, etc.), extra printheads, compressors, A.W.T. registration device, spare-parts package, and 50-Hz operation for worldwide use. A.W.T. can also bundle the Econo-Tex press with other pieces of equipment and supplies for what it describes as a complete textile package. Examples include manual presses, small-format presses, electric and gas dryers, screen-cleaning systems, exposure units, ink mixers, frames and screens, squeegees, and frame adhesive.

The pneumatic Econo-Tex press requires a 7-HP compressor, 100 psi pressure, 18 CFM, 10 amps. The servo press requires a 5-HP compressor, 100 psi pressure, 7 CFM, 10 amps. Electrical requirements are 120 V, single phase, 60 Hz for the pneumatic press and 230 V, three phase, 60 Hz for the servo press. For more information, contact A.W.T. World Trade, Inc., 4321 N. Knox Ave., Chicago, IL 60641, 773-777-7100, fax: 773-777-0909, e-mail:, Web:


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