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EFI has released the 73-in. Reggiani Renoir Flexy textile printer

EFI Launches Flexy Textile Printer

Engineered to image a range of fabrics.

EFI has released the 73-in. Reggiani Renoir Flexy textile printer equipped with the company’s Dynoplast fabric adhesion system. The Dynoplast system features adjustable pressure and temperature for printing on a variety of textiles such as knits, woven materials, and low- and high-stretch fabric. The Reggiani Renoir Flexy has eight printheads with customizable color configurations and five ink types: reactive, acid, disperse direct, disperse sublimation, and textile pigment. Applications include apparel and accessories, home textiles, sportswear, and footwear.

Users can choose between one and four passes for speeds up to 4306 sq ft/hr and max. resolution of 2400 dpi. Droplet sizes range from 4 to 72 pL. Additional features include a roll unwinder for feeding material, inline double degassing and ink filtering, a head crash protective system, an embedded magnetic system for adhesive application, an ink recovery system designed to save users up to 95% in ink costs, and a one-chamber dryer with a conveyor belt.



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