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EFI, Meredith, NH, and Chromaticity, Inc., Grand Rapids, MI, announced that standards organization IDEAlliance has awarded SWOP Grade 3 certifications to EFIT Validation 155 and 190 Offset Premium inkjet proofing media when used with EFI Colorproof XF inkjet RIP and Canon iPF series printers.

“We are pleased to have received official SWOP certification from IDEAlliance,” says Ian Mackenzie, vice president of marketing at Chromaticity. “Canon USA, EFI, and Chromaticity have partnered to offer our dealers and customers high-quality contract proofing solutions that adhere to the industry’s most rigid standards. This compliments Chromaticity’s existing media offerings that feature EFI Validation 250 Satin—the highly successful inkjet paper, designed from the ground up, to hit GRACol Specifications for proofing.”

IDEAlliance SWOP certification of EFI’s Colorproof XF and Validation 155 and 190 proofing media is said to assure graphics, publishing, packaging, and production professionals that their color output represents consistent and accurate color to match the appearance of certified press proofs used in print production.

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