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Matan’s SpotBoard is an electronic board designed to complement the company’s line of digital thermal-transfer printers. The SpotBoard allows users to individually control the energy levels of each printing station separately, maximizing the print quality of spot colors and combinations of process colors and spots. Matan says this capability is ideal in the case of spot white or metallics that require higher energy levels than other colors. The SpotBoard also features automatic energy-leveling compensation across the width of the print, which enhances print quality in uniform areas. The SpotBoard allows users to operate the Matan Spring from various computer platforms, which eliminates the need for a dedicated PC for the printer. The card uses USB 2.0 communication between the printer and computer. The SpotBoard was originally designed for the Matan Spot36, a two-color, wayfinding-signage printer. However, the board has been implemented in the Matan SpringPro and all new Matan Spring printers as well. Matan Digital Printers, 14 Amal St.Park Affek, Rosh-Ha’ayin 48092, Israel, 972-3-9002720, fax: 972-3-9002721, Web:

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