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Create ready-to-sew embroidery designs directly inside Adobe Illustrator with Embroidery i2 Software Plug-in. The software is available exclusively with Pulse Embroidery i2 from Hirsch and allows users to convert logos and vector artwork into embroidery designs. Users draw or open a vector file, assign a stitch effect, adjust embroidery parameters, and the design is ready to sew. The software features garment recipes so users don't have to guess the parameters needed to sew on pique, silks, fleece, and jacket backs. Embroidery i2 comes with more than 100 specially digitized embroidery fonts, and is compatible with PC and Mac. Hirsch Int'l, 50 Engineers Rd., Hauppauge, NY 11788, 800-394-4426, fax: 800-772-1788, Web:


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