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If you need to make graphics and displays with a lasting impression, consider etching onto Ikonics’ IKONMetal. The substrate is a metal-matrix composite engineered to accommodate engraving, routing, and sandblasting for use in decorating custom signage, trophies, awards, plaques, and more. Ikonics says the material can be shaped, carved, etched, and sculpted using common rotary engravers and considers it a low-cost, quick-turnaround, and easy-to-use material. IKONMetal is available through the company’s PhotoBrasive Systems and IKONSign Etch division. PhotoBrasive Systems is located at 4832 Grand Ave., Duluth MN 55807, 218-628-2002, 800-643-1037, fax: 218-628-2064, e-mail: IKONSign Etch can be reached at 4832 Grand Ave., Duluth, MN 55807, 866-208-9130, e-mail:


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