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Exploring New Opportunities

It’s time to write the next chapter of my story.



Exploring New Opportunities

MANY YEARS AGO, my friend and fellow ASDPT member Alex Zuckerman paid me one of the nicest (and, characteristically, backhanded) compliments I’ve ever received while commenting on the job I was doing as editor of Screen Printing. “When you consider that a few years ago, you knew nothing,” he began, “it’s amazing that you are now quite well-known.”

If anything, Alex understated my ignorance of printing at the time I joined the staff, freshly liberated from village council meetings, obituary writing, and the other minutiae of working for a small community newspaper. I came to ST Media Group to learn about magazine publishing and fully expected my stay to be brief.

Then screen printing clicked with me. The technology and its unique adaptability; the extraordinary, quirky people who were drawn to the field; the infinite number of things that could be done through what seemed at first glance to be such a simple process. My journey soon encompassed new publishing ventures and responsibilities in related titles and industries. The years stretched into decades. And at last, the farewell I had imagined all those years ago has come to pass.

By the time you read this, Adrienne Palmer, editor-in-chief of sister publication Big Picture, will have added the editorial management of Screen Printing to her quiver. I couldn’t ask for a more capable successor. Adrienne’s passion for print and rapid assimilation of the wide-format digital industry have both inspired and thoroughly impressed me. She, too, is now quite well-known, and she’ll bring a fresh voice and perspective to this dynamic industry. She’ll also benefit from the talented associate editors Kelsey Johnson and Anya Rao, whose strong work you will continue to read in both brands.

My thanks to the Swormstedt family, the owners of ST Media Group, for the countless opportunities they have given me to grow, with special gratitude to

Tedd Swormstedt, who you’ll learn on pg. 6 is also beginning a new phase of his life. I wish I could thank all of the truly exceptional individuals I’ve had the honor of calling my colleagues, contributors, columnists, mentors, and friends over my career, but there are far too many. Hopefully, they know who they are and how grateful I am for their guidance and the trust they’ve shown in me. I encourage them to extend the same friendship and support to Adrienne.


As for me, it’s time to write the next chapter of my story.

I’m planning to work with businesses, associations, and philanthropic enterprises to help them tell their stories and refine their strategies. It’s an opportunity to learn new industries and apply my craft to causes that are deeply important to me. And while I may not focus exclusively on printing or visual communications, don’t be surprised if you see my byline or even my face at an industry event.

As I’m sure you know, this business has a way of clicking with you.

P.S. If you’d like to remain in touch, you can find me on LinkedIn, on Twitter @SDuccilli, and at [email protected].


Watch Jay Busselle, Adrienne Palmer, and Jeremy Picker dive deep into DTG printing data, popular styles, and opportunities.

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