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Vastex Screen Printing Equipment redesigned its Expos-It fluorescent UV light exposure unit. The new model can accommodate screens up to 23 x 31 in. (584 x 787 mm) and comes standard with six 40-watt, 28-in.-long (711-mm) bulbs, a digital timer, and legs. The Expos-It’s vacuum hold-down seals a neoprene rubber blanket to the screen and draws through a bottom manifold. The exposure unit is available in 120- and 240-volt models and is compatible with the Vastex Registration System. The Expos-It comes with legs or can be placed on top of Vastex’s ten-screen Dri-Vault drying cabinet. Vastex Screen Printing Equipment, 1032 N. Irving St., Allentown, PA 18109-1846, 610-434-6004, fax: 610-434-6607, Web:


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