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Vastex says it combined an exposure unit and drying cabinet into a single unit so that small shops can have the greatest capabilities in the least amount of space. Users can pair Vastex’s Exposit E2227, which can expose screen up to 22 x 27.5 in. (559 x 699 mm), with a Dri-Vault VDC-24348 eight-screen drying cabinet. Exposit E2227 features six 24-in. (610-mm) bulbs (four black UV and two white bulbs for setup). Users can opt for high-output bulbs, and Exposit is fitted to work with Vastex’s VRS pin registration system. Dri-Vault VDC-24348 is 35 x 38 x 30 in. (889 x 965 x 762 mm) and uses a stainless-steel-finned heater and 200-cfm blower. Vastex Int’l, Inc., 1032 N. Irving St., Allentown, PA 18109, 610-434-6004, 800-482-7839, fax: 610-434-6607, Web:


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