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FESPA, Surrey, United Kingdom, recently launched The Wide Network, a community designed for those interested in sharing ideas, experiences, and discussing current issues related to digital imaging. User features include an events calendar, industry contacts, photos and videos, and communication media to facilitate peer networking and interaction. Members can be personalized their profiles to include information about professional interests, current job roles, along with pictures and videos.

“Online social networking has revolutionized the way we communicate with one another,” says Marcus Timson, FESPA corporate communications. “With millions of people using networking sites on a regular basis, they are a valuable tool for sharing information, monitoring public opinion, and interacting with industry peers…as an umbrella organization for trade printing associations, FESPA’s key aim is to support our members and the wider printing community. We believe that providing a platform for like-minded people to network and build business relationships is what we do well with our leading exhibitions—the Wide Network is a superb way to extend that value online.”

Members can interact with each other through e-mail, instant messaging, blogs, and discussion forums. Through the site’s Planet-Friendly Group, members can stay abreast of the latest environmental news and developments. They also can lobby or champion causes through the site’s group facility. For more information, visit

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