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MacDermid Autotype unveiled three new Aspect Quadra film-output systems. The Quadra-III systems are available in widths of 54, 64, and 74 in. (1372, 1626, and 1880 mm). They use versions of the Roland XJ printers, but incorporate modifications specific to the requirements of film-positive and negative generation. According to MacDermid Autotype, new software drivers enhance registration and length accuracy, while friction-free film transport and modifications to the low-tension take-up reel provide reliable film-to-film fit. The Aspect Quadra offers print speeds as high as 80 sq ft/hr (7.4 sq m/hr) and a halftone capability range of 35-75 lines/in. All Quadras come with the hardware, software, and consumables necessary to begin producing film positives and simulated color proofs. MacDermid Autotype Inc., 1675 Winnetka Circ., Rolling Meadows, IL 60008, 800-323-0632, Web:


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