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Gerber Scientific Products expanded its media offerings with the addition of three new products: EDGE READY film, Stardust Pearl film, and GerberColor Abrasion Guard SPF foil. EDGE READY, also called 250Cv2, was made exclusively for Gerber by 3M, and it replaces the 250C, Controltac with Comply. Gerber says the new film features the same slideability and respositionability of other Controltac films and notes that its design allows air to escape through micro-replicated channels under the film’s surface without leaving noticeable channel marks. Stardust Pearl is described as a durable, opaque, dimensionally stable vinyl with a smooth, pearlescent flake in white. The film joins Stardust Gold and Stardust Silver. The vinyl films are designed for vehicle, fleet, recreational, marine applications, and more. The films feature a pressure-sensitive adhesive designed to withstand severe weather and handling conditions. Stardust films are intended for printing on the Gerber EDGE line of printers. Abrasion Guard SPF (sign protection formula) is a foil designed to add UV protection to Gerber EDGE output. The foil reportedly has the same abrasion and chemical resistance as the original Abrasion Guard but provides up to 30% longer UV protection. Gerber Scientific Products, 83 Gerber Rd., South Windsor, CT 06074, 860-643-1515, 800-433-4186, fax: 860-648-8360, Web:


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