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Drytac’s new DES-4Foam is an edge-finishing system designed for use with heat-sensitive foam boards. It uses what Drytac descibes as precise pressure and cutting mechanisms, along with Drytac’s proprietary Edge Secure adhesive, to apply PVC and ABS edging on boards such as Gatorfoam, Sintra/Forex, Kappaboard, X-Board, and Ecoboard. The system accepts boards ranging in thickness from 0.19-1.75 in. (5-45 mm). The system is designed to decrease the need to inventory multiple boards with different foam-core types or face-material colors and allow the increased use of environmentally friendly, recycled boards. Drytac, 5383 Glen Alden Dr., Richmond, VA 23231, 804-222-3094, fax: 804-226-2330, Web:



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