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Inkcups Now says its new ICN M15 FP is a highly productive and cost effective screen-printing system that’s ideal for producing nameplates, promotional items, panels, signs, and other flat applications. Standard features include 12 x 17-in. (305 x 432-mm) vacuum tooling table, vertical speed control, semi-automatic and automatic modes, tooling platform with adjstable height, four-way microadjustable screen clamp, variable-angle squeegee mount, and microadjustable printhead and off-contact. The press offer a 20-in. (508-mm) squeegee stroke and will accept screen sizes up to 25.59 x 17.71 in. (650 x 436 mm), image sizes up to 17.71 x 12.91 in. (436 x 328 mm), and part sizes up to 19 x 14 x 5 in. (483 x 356 x 127 mm). It can print single-color graphics at speeds up to 720 impressions/hr. Inkcups Now, 20 Locust St., Danvers, MA 01923, 978-646-8980, fax: 978-646-8981, Web:


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