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If your high-volume jobs require high-speed output, have a look at DuPont's Cromaprint 22UV. It uses a six-color (plus white) UV-curable ink set and can print directly onto a variety of rigid and flexible media. The system includes DuPont's 86-in.-wide (2184 mm) flatbed/roll-to-roll production print engine, UV-curable inks, and DuPont's Cromanet CS, which features a RIP, spectral color management, and production workflow tools. Compatible substrates include PVC, foam board, acrylic, corrugated substrates, glass, styrene, aluminum, wood, and flexible materials such as Tyvek, vinyl, and polyester film. The printer accommodates media up to 82 in. (2083 mm) wide and 2 in. (51 mm) thick. It supports user-defined resolutions, number of passes, and production speeds up to 463 sq ft/hr (43 sq m/hr). The Cromaprint 22UV is equipped with a five-zone vacuum system, 14 Spectra Galaxy 256 printheads, front-to-back registration for boards, and automatic take-up for roll-to-roll media. DuPont, 4417 Lancaster Pike, Wilmington, DE 19805, 800-345-9999, Web:


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