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The 320-e and 320+ are the newest models in Inca Digital’s line of Spyder wide-format flatbed UV inkjet printers. The 320-e is designed with specifications similar to those found in the original Spyder 320, but a reduced print-speed specification allows Inca to offer the unit at what the company describes as a very competitive price. It offers edge-to-edge printing, print speeds up to 430 sq ft/hr (40 sq m/hr), uses a four-color set (CMYK) of Fujifilm Sericol Uvijet UV inks, and can on substrates up to 1.2 in. (30 mm) thick and 176 lb (80 kg) in weight. The 320-e uses the modular IncaPrint carriage and can be upgraded to the original Spyder 320 or the 320+ model. The Spyder 320+ also uses the IncaPrint carriage and can accommodate CMYK plus white ink or a six-color (CMYKLcLm) inkset. Inca says the printer is designed for producing graphics intended for close-up viewing. The 320+ can print at speeds up to 700 sq ft/hr (65 sq m/hr). The 320-e and 320+ offer imaging resolutions up to 600 dpi. Fujifilm Sericol USA Inc., 1101 W. Cambridge Dr., Kansas City, KS 66103, 913-342-4060, fax: 913-342-4761, Web:

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