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FLEXcon Co., Inc., Spencer, MA, recently showed its support of industry education by sponsoring WrapQuest ’07, a two-day training seminar conducted by FLEXcon and the Professional Decal Application Association (PDAA). The event was held Oct. 21-22 in Pompano Beach, FL and gave installers a chance to demonstrate and strengthen their skills on applications such as vehicle and building wraps, including rough-textured surfaces. Installers also were given the opportunity to become more familiar with the requirements for PDAA Master Certification, which is the prerequisite to earning FLEXcon-Certified Installer status.

PDAA has three levels of certification, including general, basic certified and master certified. Only master certified members are FLEXcon certified. Master certification requires that a company has been in business for a minimum of three years and they employ at least one full-time installer who has passed the PDAA Vinyl Installation Proficiency Master Certification. The certification includes a comprehensive written and hands-on test that requires extensive knowledge and installation expertise. Installers also must carry general liability and workers compensation insurance for master certification.

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