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Looking for a solution for adding foil inline? Consider the Auto Foiler from TAS West/TAS East. The device is designed for use with any TAS press with a touch-pad controller (TPC) and can be rolled up to the press head. The Auto Foiler combines a roll-to-roll foil dispenser, heat press, foil stripping, and carrier feed take-up, enabling the device to do multi-step foiling sequentially at an average speed of 4-5 sec/print. The platen indexes into the first printhead position, where adhesive is printed, then indexes into the Auto Foiler. The roll of foil contains three layers–the carrier roll (a clear polyester film), which is coated with a thin layer of wax, and then the foil. When the press indexes, the carrier roll/foil advances to a predetermined length. A cylinder raises a support fixture under the platen, stabilizes it, then the heat panel lowers, sandwiching the platen, carrier roll, and foil, which causes the foil to attach to the adhesive and cure it. The upper heating platen rises after a preset amount of time, leaving the foil from the roll attached to the adhesive, shearing or peeling excess foil from the design, and rolling the carrier waste up on a take-up reel. The press then indexes for the next garment. The foil-dispensing rollers support widths up to 24 in. (610 mm) and accommodate shorter roll widths for the requirements of individual designs. Operators can create several colors of foil in a design by dispensing multiple rolls of foil. The Auto Foiler also can be converted into a heat press, allowing for the production of heat transfers and screen printing inline. The entire process is networked to the TAS TCP, and operators can adjust temperature, time, and pressure. TAS West, 28008 Harrison Pkwy., Valencia, CA 91355, 661-295-9330, fax: 661-295-9333, Web: TAS East, 90 Dayton Ave., Passaic, NJ 07055, 973-473-5005, fax: 973-473-4485, Web:


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