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This year marks the 20th anniversary for Fujifilm Manufacturing, USA, Inc., Greenwood, SC. At a celebration marking the event, Shigetaka Komori, president and CEO of Fujifilm Corp., and US Senator Lindsey Graham recognized the milestone.

“Fujifilm has done wonderful things for South Carolina over the last 20 years,” says Senator Graham. “You have enriched our lives, and we look forward to continuing our partnership as your pursue new technologies and products that will benefit the community of Greenwood and our state, and enhance the quality of life for everyone.”

“Since Fujifilm became a part of the beautiful community of Greenwood in 1988, so much has changed,” says Mr. Komori. “Today, more than 60% of our revenues come from products we introduced after the year 2000. We are committed to strengthening our R&D efforts to introduce unique and proprietary new products and market them on a global scale.”

Prior to 2000, a total of 40% of Fujifilm revenue and 60% of its profits were generated from photo imaging products. With the major business shift, Fujifilm has established and experienced growth in six core business segments, which include graphic arts, medical, high-performance optical film, optical devices, photo imaging, and xerography. Fujfilm says it has stepped up its efforts in R&D activities and capital investment in growth fields, accelerated structural reforms, and consolidated management policies. Last year, the company saw record performance with revenues of $27 billion and operating profit of $2 billion.

At its Greenwood location, Fujifilm has partnered with US educational institutions, including the Medical University of South Carolina, in joint R&D efforts. The focus of the collaboration is to actively explore new products and technologies in the alternative energy, imaging, medical, and life sciences industries.

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