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FUJIFILM Dimatix, Mumbai, India, announced that Rex-Tone Industries Ltd. has achieved Approved Ink Status for its new Aqua Tint "V" solvent-based ink. The status acknowledges that the ink will achieve high-quality results when used with FUJIFILM Dimatix Spectra brand S-Class, Nova, Galaxy, and Skywalker printheads.

Rex-Tone has completed a rigorous ink-approval process as a participant in the FUJIFILM Dimatix Ink Partnership program. The process is designed to ensure that the specific ink capabilities and formulations of Aqua Tint "V", recommended for use with Spectra-brand printheads, consistently will meet the company’s standards of performance and reliability. Packaging of the ink will feature a “Spectra Approved Ink” emblem supplied by FUJFILM Dimatix.

"We are extremely pleased to award Rex-Tone Approved Ink status for the Aqua Tint "V" ink formulation," says James Gill, FUJIFILM Dimatix emerging markets director. "This designation assures that Aqua Tint "V" ink meets the stringent FUJIFILM Dimatix Ink Partnership program requirements for quality, uniformity, and batch-to-batch stability demanded by Spectra-brand high-performance printheads."

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