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Fujifilm has rebranded its corporate identity and logo to reflect the changes that have occurred at the company over the past year. Dimatix incorporated the Fujifilm brand into its own and updated the Dimatix logo to signify the acquisition of Dimatix by Fujifilm in 2006. Fujifilm Dimatix combines Fujifilm’s materials science and printing experience with Dimatix’s background in developing and manufacturing inkjet solutions.

“Fujifilm Dimatix is accelerating the use of ink jetting across a broad range of markets and applications,” says Fujifilm Dimatix CEO John Batterton. “We are continuing our more than 20-year tradition of providing the industry’s most reliable and robust inkjet printing solutions. Now we have Fujifilm’s endorsement and solid foundation to help take our technology and products to the next level. We will continue to address the printing and imaging markets through our Spectra printhead products, and the electronics, electronic displays, RFID, bioscience, and other markets through our Dimatix materials deposition micropump products.”

Spectra, Inc. changed its corporate name to Dimatix in May of 2005. The switch marked the company’s expansion into inkjet solutions for precision deposition of traditional and nanoparticle fluids for emerging applications. Spectra remains as the brand name of inkjet printheads and components for industrial printing applications.

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