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Fujifilm Dimatix, Inc., Santa Clara, CA, recently received the Silicon Valley/San Jose Business Journal Emerging Technology Award. The company wqs recognized in the Biotechnology category for its Dimatix Materials Printer (DMP). The DMP is a benchtop digital materials-deposition system designed for jetting various types of fluids on plastic, glass, metal sheets, silicon, membranes, gels, thick films, and paper surfaces. The system can be used for developing and testing processes and prototypes and conducting low-volume manufacturing of various products, such as flexible circuits, RFID tags, displays, DNA arrays, optical lenses, and wearable electronics.

“This award is a testament to our belief that inkjet printing has the potential to change the materials processing world,” says Dr. Jan Sumerel, manager of biomedical sciences at Fujifilm Dimatix. “Corporate and university research teams are using the DMP to print fluids and molecules for new applications, ranging from RFID, flexible electronics, and photovoltaics to biotechnology applications such as biosensors and DNA synthesis reactions. The ability to precision print—without heat—fluids such as DNA, enzymes, proteins, organic polymers, and nanoparticles, can have wide-reaching implications.” Fujifilm Dimatix is located at 2230 Martin Ave., Santa Clara, CA 95050, 408-565-9150, 888-346-2849, fax: 408-565-9151, Web:

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