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Fujifilm Corp., Valhalla, NY, and TECHKON USA, Danvers, MA, joined forces to deliver a solution designed to give printers tighter control of their press rooms. Techkon products are being tailored to work with Fujifilm’s Taskero Universe, including the RS 800 scanning Spectro-densitometer, the SpectroPlate, and the new SpectroDrive, which enables fully automated readings of color bars on press sheets.

“Taskero Universe is a unique tool and one that vies printers better control than they ever had before,” says Don Schroeder, director of solutions development for Fujifilm Graphic Systems USA, Inc. “It relies on consistent and thorough data, and we know that Techkon and its line of color-measuring devices can provide that.”

George Adam, president of Techkon, says, “The integration of the Techkon products with the Taskero Universe platform provides unmatched state-of-the-art technology, performance, and color quality that are truly unique to the printers’ needs. We are pleased to be working with Fujifilm to offer an exceptional quality-control solution to the press room. For more information about the solution, visit or

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