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DTG’s Kiosk HM-1 is the newest addition to the company’s line of direct-to-garment inkjet printers. Half of its eight-channel printhead is dedicated to white ink, while the other half jets color. Kiosk HM-1 features an ink agitator that activates for 10 min every three hr to prevent clogging and separation. An ink-vapor remover evacuates fumes that escape during printing and funnels them through a filter to prevent buildup. An automatic gap adjustment moves the platen up or down to accommodate garment thickness, and a laser eye prevents the platen or garment from striking the printhead. DTG says the HM-1 features a new platen design that allows garments to be loaded as they would on a screen press. DTG printers are distributed by SWF East and SWF MESA. For more information, visit

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