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M&R says its HeatWave gas textile dryer meets the needs of shops torn between larger, more expensive gas units and the cost of bringing in the additional capacity required to run an electric dryer. The HeatWave features a 36-in.-wide (914-mm) belt, 8.5-ft (2.6-m) heat-chamber length, and a control panel that uses icons instead of text. M&R says the dryer’s heavy-duty thermal insulation prevents heat from migrating into the workplace, while CoolSkin technology leaves the dryer’s enclosure comfortable to the touch. Process temperatures and set temperatures are controlled digitally by a fuzzy logic. M&R says an audible alarm activates when temperature readings fall outside of user-set levels. Other features include adjustable entry and exit openings, crowned rollers for positive belt tracking, and an automatic shutdown sequence that keeps the blower and belt running until the chamber has cooled. M&R, 1 N. 372 Main St., Glen Ellyn, IL 60137, 630-858-6101, 800-736-6431, fax: 630-858-6134, Web:

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