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The Boomerang from M&R is a new gas-powered textile dryer that features a two-belt conveyor designed to double dwell time in the heat chamber and return garments to the load end of the unit. The Boomerang was designed to set the inks used in digital garment decoration; however, its configurable outfeed system provides for traditional single-pass operation when curing garments printed with plastisols or other screen-printing inks. Features include a 36-in. (914-mm) belt width, a 10-ft (3.1-m) heat-chamber length, and a new control panel that uses icons instead of text to control dryer operation. The dryer also features CoolSkin technology, designed to leave the dryer cool to the touch. The Boomerang is available in liquid propane or natural gas versions. The burner is engineered with excess capacity, separate blowers control circulation and exhaust, and a forced-air system brings the chamber to the desired temperature. Process temperatures and set temperatures are controlled digitally, and temperature consistency is ensured by a fuzzy-logic controller that responds to ambient temperature changes by keeping chamber heat within ±1º of target temperature at the thermocouple. If a reading falls outside those settings, a temperature monitor issues an audible alarm. Adjustable entry and exit openings, crowned rollers for positive belt tracking, and an automatic shutdown sequence round out the list of features. M&R Sales and Service, Inc., 1 N. 372 Main St., Glen Ellyn, IL 60137-3576, 630-858-6101, 800-736-6431, fax: 630-858-6134, Web:


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