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Gerber Scientific Products, South Windsor, CT, announced it is offering the new Gerber Signshop Helper graphics pacakge free for a limited time with new OMEGA software packages and OMEGA 3.0 software upgrades. The Signshop Helper clip-art package features 2000 items, including vehicle-decoration pieces and examples of signs that shop owners can use as a basis for decoration and personalization.

Signshop Helper also includes sign backgrounds, such as lightning, flames, metallic, and watermark looks that are suitable for signs made with large-format printers or the Gerber EDGE. Also included in the package are vehicle templates, which are representations of the locations of the lines, wheel wells, and doors for recent and curent model American-made cars and trucks. For more information, contact Gerber Scientific Products, 83 Gerber Rd., South Windsor, CT 06074, 860-643-1515, 800-433-4186, fax: 860-648-8360, Web:



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