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Isimat’s UVitro is system that enables screen printers to switch to UV-curable inks, lacquers, and adhesives in glass decorating. Isimat says the UVitro surface-treatment process modifies the sub-microscopic surface properties of materials and creates a homogenous, sub-microscopic roughness that ensures lasting adhesion. The system can be integrated into coating, direct printing, and other industrial processes, as well as high-speed multicolor presses. According to Isimat, UVitro improves production by reducing drying times to seconds, eliminating color variations inherent to lehr use, and facilitating the use of UV inks and other UV-curable formulations that do not dry in screens. Isimat also notes that UVitro saves money by removing lehrs and heated stainless-steel screens from the workflow, reducing floor-space consumption, and minimizing scrap. Isimat GmbH Siebdruckmaschinen, Rindelbacherstr. 38-40, D-73479 Ellwangen, Germany, 49-7961-8860, fax: 49-7961-88644, e-mail:, Web:


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