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Fujifilm Sericol USA, Inc., Kansas City, KS, invites high-volume-graphics producers to visit its new 7000-sq-ft Solutions Center, where they’ll be able to test an Inca Onset printer. The Inca Onset is equipped with 576 Fujifilm Dimatix heads and is designed to jet 3 billion droplets of ink per second and produce more than 100 10.5 x 5 ft. prints per hour.

“We know that Onset owners are billing as much as $200,000 of output per day,” says Terry Mitchell, director of marketing for Fujifilm Sericol. “Most of the units are running at least two shifts, and some are running three shifts. This is not surprising as the Onset is based on the extremely successful and robust design of previous Inca flatbeds.”

Screen, digital, and offset printers can sign up for a Solutions Center tour from August 4 to October 3. Visitors will be able to run the Onset at production speed and watch the machine print their images.

“We have always provided potential customers with the opportunity to come to our facility and run any of our digital presses as if it were sitting on their shop floor,” says Terry Amerine, segment manager for wide-format graphics for Fujifilm Sericol. “This enables them to fully understand how the printer will work for them in their business. Countless customers have told us how important this step was in their decision, and felt that our demonstration process was the most educational and helpful for them. We will conduct the demonstrations of the Onset in precisely this time-tested manner.”

For more information about the Inca Onset, visit or

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