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ONYX Graphics now offers support for Mutoh’s ValueJet inkjet printers, and drivers are available for use with ONYX ProductionHouse and ONYX PosterShop Version 7 Workflow Solutions software products. ONYX Software solutions feature PANTONE spot-color matching, contour-cutting workflow, and automatic job nesting. The drivers are designed for the ValueJet 1204 (48 in., 1219 mm) 1604 (64 in., 1626mm), and 2606 (100 in., 2540 mm) models and include Mutoh’s Wave and Scan width commands, which are supported by printer firmware. ONYX says the improved driver control automates the way the printers’ heads lay down ink and can increase quality, depending on print condition. The drivers include support for other ValueJet features, including resolutions of 1440, 1440 x 720, 720, and 540 x 720 dpi, ink configurations of CMYK (1204-48 and 1604-64. models) and CMYKlclm (2606-100 model), support for quality-mode modifications, user media selection, and individually controlled pre-, platen-, and post-dryer-heated controls. The driver includes 11 media profiles for the ValueJet 1204-48 and 1604-64 models. Profiles are available at and ONYX Graphics, 6915 S High Tech Dr., Salt Lake City, UT 84047, 801-568-9900, fax: 801-568-9911, Web:


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