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T-shirt printer Graphix Inc., West Bend, WI, announced it received an Environmental Stewardship award from Plymouth, WI-based Orion Energy Services. Graphix was recognized because its change to Orion lighting reduced the annual amount of electric power it uses for illumination by 22,632 kWh per year. Graphix replaced 26 465-watt, metal-halide fixtures in its shop with 26 186-watt, four-tube, Illuminator T8 fluorescent fixtures from Orion. According to Federal EPA formulas, a power reduction of this size means that during the 20-year life of the Orion lighting fixtures, 441 tons of carbon dioxide and 120 tons of carbon, 1.9 tons of sulfur dioxide, and one ton of nitrogen oxides will not be put into the atmosphere. The reduction in the same 20-year span also will be the equivalent of saving 37,451 gallons of gas. The reduction also is rated by EPA figures to be the air-scrubbing equivalent of a four-acre forest or removing four cars from the road. Graphix Inc. is located at 1100 Lang St., West Bend, WI 53090, 262-338-3998. Orion Energy Systems can be reached at 1204 Pilgrim Rd., Plymouth, WI 53073, 920-892-9340, fax: 920-892-9350, e-mail:, Web:

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