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Graphic Systems Group (GSG), New York, NY, announced that a group it helps support, charity: water, has raised more than $500,000. The charity, which promotes the world’s need for clean water, raised contributions through the sale of charity: water bracelets in Saks Fifth Avenue stores, with more than $140,000 raised at the Summer Gala on the tenth floor of the Saks store in New York City. GSG produced the window displays for the charity, which were displayed in six Saks windows on Fifth Avenue. The companies involved say that 100% of the money raised benefited freshwater projects in Central America, India, and Sub-Saharan Africa.

“GSG has been a dear friend by continuously supporting us with creative direction, imaginative displays, and thought-provoking imagery,” says Scott Harrison, president and founder of charity: water. “Working with their team, we’ve been able to reach hundreds of thousands with our message. We’re lucky to have them on our side, and they’ve been an integral part of our success. It’s been exciting to see their efforts paying immediate dividends in developing nations receiving clean drinking water.”

The charity was launched in September 2006 and has raised approximately $5 million and has funded 633 water projects in 12 countries worldwide. The organization says these projects will serve more than 250,000 out of the 1.1 billion (one out of every six) without access to clean water. For more information about charity: water, visit And for more information about GSG, visit

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