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Autotex Steel is a new hardcoat film from MacDermid Autotype that offers a stainless-steel finish for membrane keyboards, keypads, and fascia panels. MacDermid Autotype says the film is easy to handle and print and combines high levels of color reproduction and definition with a tough outer surface that offers excellent resistance to abrasions and a wide range of chemicals and solvents. Autotex Steel is manufactured using a conventional flexible polyester substrate and is coated with a ink-adhesion layer on the underside or reverse and a hardcoat outer layer, which is chemically bonded and UV cured. The hardcoat layer has a textured finish that, when the film is printed on the reverse with standard metallic or silver inks, creates the appearance of a brushed-steel panel. Autotex Steel can be embossed for use with domed tactile membrane keypads or in applications where keys or panel areas need to have raised edges. The film is supplied in thicknesses of either 150 or 200 microns, both of which are compatible with solvent or UV inks. MacDermid Autotype, Inc., 1675 Winnetka Cir., Rolling Meadows, IL 60008, 847-818-8262, fax: 847-818-8280, Web:



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