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Looking for heat-transfer paper that you can use with a color laser copier or printer? Consider Photo-Trans Image Clip paper from Imprintables Warehouse. The paper is designed to work with 100%-synthetic materials and not leave a residue window after application. Imprintables Warehouse says the imaged apparel is soft, comfortable, breathable, and will not stick to the skin. Photo-Trans reportedly has excellent washability and durability and does not have a stiff hand. It also may be used on cotton and cotton/poly blends, light or dark colored. The paper is available in sheet sizes of 8.5 x 11 and 11 x 17 in. (216 x 279 and 279 x 432 mm). Imprintables Warehouse, PO Box 711, Masontown, PA 15461, 800-347-0068, Web:


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