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Here’s What Screen Printers Are Doing to Bolster Their Online Presence

Our Brain Squad members share the digital initiatives they’re undertaking.




DO YOU SIMPLY exist as a company online, or do you have an online presence?

Online presence is defined by as the actions you take and the content you produce; where you stand with regard to search engine and social media algorithms; and how people perceive your business online, what they say about you, and how they engage with you.

Whether you’re focusing on your website, your new TikTok account, or your SEO, how are you mastering your online presence? That’s the question we recently posed to our Brain Squad members, most of whom are taking measures to increase their digital exposure.

  1. It’s important to showcase authenticity. The people want real, relatable content. — Christine Geronimo, Midnight Supply Company, Seattle, Washington
  2. Working on SEO. Trying to upgrade photo studio and automate feed from Insta. — Eric Carnell, Independence Printage Corp, Bellevue, Washington
  3. Using fun, informational, interesting, and artsy images seem to draw the most attention. Avoiding “doom scrolling” bad or sad news. Short, bite-size videos seem to be popular. Our staff has fun making goofy videos,
    so making these little gifs or videos serve to boost morale. — Tracey Johnston-Aldworth, Traces Screen Printing, Waterloo, Ontario
  4. CLUBHOUSE! — Alison Banholzer, Wear Your Spirit Warehouse, Huntingtown, Maryland
  5. Keeping website fresh, social media designed to generate leads, etc. No on the TikTok. I’m still trying to figure out Twitter — Rick Poore, Shirts101, Lincoln, New England
  6. Focusing on Facebook and Instagram, just brand ads to start with. — David Ashenden, QTCo, Kedron, Queensland, Australia
  7. I’ve hired a new social media marketing director. — Chris Schultz, IT Sportswear & Promotions, Augusta, Georgia
  8. Hahaha none of the above. We have really upped our social media and try to upload video and static photos/stories on FB and Instagram. A major website overhaul on the to-do list. — Andy MacDougall, MacDougall Screen Printing, Royston, British Columbia
  9. As a contract decorator, we are 100 percent referral. We are fortunate to be able to vet these referrals for the best fit. — Keith Abrams, The Decoration Facility, Indian Trail, North Carolina
  10. Not very well, but about to get better. — Edward Cook, ECI Screen Print, Watertown, Connecticut
  11. Nothing at this time — Al Messier, Team Print, Bourbonnais, Illinois
  12. You have to be consistent. Showing up is the hardest part of any effort and does the most to build an audience. Next, you need to be relevant. Are you offering up something that is interesting and timely? Lastly, you need to be entertaining or interesting. Can you grab someone’s attention? — Marshall Atkinson, Atkinson Consulting, Mesa, Arizona
  13. We use AI software and tools to measure our online presence. There are some fabulous proprietary tools and software code that help us visualize our presence, the robustness of our offerings and the opportunities or density of our competition. — Mark Coudray, Coudray Growth Tech, San Luis Obispo, California
  14. We have a dedicated web team and social media team, and they are constantly posting thing’s we are working on that are impressive/of big clients. — Tyler Peyus, Interform Graphics, Centerville, Utah
  15. Online presence is a small portion of our focus. Having been in business since 1988, 85 percent of our focus is returning customers, 10 percent is toward potential customers, and 5 percent is exposure to the world at large. — Bill Bischoff, Bischoff Design/Atomic Tees, Modesto, California
  16. Our company is too small to dedicate an additional employee to handle all of these areas. The expense of these items is way too high — Steve Knight, Dynagraphics Screen Printing, Holly Springs, North Carolina
  17. Revamped web page. — Michael McCall, Chattanooga Labeling Systems, Chattanooga, Tennessee

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