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Hexion Specialty Chemicals recently joined the FUJIFILM Dimatix Ink Partnership Program. Hexion offers thermoset resins and a growing line of UV-curable formulations, including inkjet inks. With the addition of Hexion, the program now has 13 companies participating. The program is designed to foster the strong relationships with ink developers that FUJIFILM Dimatix requires to ensure that the specific ink capabilities and formulations recommended for use with Spectra-branded printheads consistently meet the company’s standards of performance and reliability.

Hexion was accepted in the program based on its expanding base of UV products and technologies, technical resources, worldwide presence, and expertise in color and pigments, according to Martin Schoeppler, vice president of marketing and sales for FUJIFILM Dimatix. Under the program, FUJIFILM says it rigorously and extensively tests inks in the lab and in the field to ensure optimal printing performance and maximum printhead life. Certified inks meet a comprehensive set of test requirements defined by FUJIFILM Dimatix, including material-set compatibility and sustainability testing to ensure inks do not damage printheads and perform well when used and maintained in the prescribed manner. FUJIFILM Dimatix is located at 109 Etna Rd., Lebanon, NH 03766, 603-443-5300, fax: 603-448-5402, Web:

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