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Top Quotes – and More Highlights – from PrintHustlers Conf 2022

A colorful cast of screen pros took to the stage for a three-day event focused on lean manufacturing, staffing solutions, and other pressing industry matters.




Top Quotes – and More Highlights – from PrintHustlers Conf 2022

FOR THE FIFTH YEAR, PrintHustlers Conf 2022 took place November 5-7 in Ft. Worth, Texas. The three-day event brought together screen printers from across the country for “inspiration and education designed to help you survive the challenges we all face every day,” according to the event’s website.

Attendees took part in a Printavo Best Practices Workshop that covered Statuses, Automation, and the Power Scheduler on Saturday, engaged in a full day of speaker sessions emceed by Justin Lawrence of Oklahoma Shirt Company on Sunday, and had the option to choose one of four companies – Renfro Salsa, S&S Activewear, Printed Threads, or Trust Printshop – for a private tour on Monday. Tacos and barbecues were sprinkled throughout.

The focus of the event may have started off with lean manufacturing, but the conversations turned to hiring and personnel issues within shops. Take a look inside Trust Printshop here and read below for standout speaker tips.


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Lukas Holland and Paul Akers, FastCap: 2 Second Lean

“Lean manufacturing is like riding a bicycle. It’s easy, it’s a blast, and once you learn it, you’re never going to forget it,” said Lukas during the kick-off presentation.

Here are Lukas’ steps to implementing lean manufacturing successfully:

  • Invest in training your employees to solve and fix problems; empower them.
  • Create clear processes that are easy to follow and succeed.
  • Get your employees addicted to making their jobs easier.

Hiring Tips:

Lukas said the resume is the perfect lie. Trash the resume and ask the interviewee to send a minute and a half video of who they are and why they want to work at your company. If they’re a good candidate, bring them in for a paid test day, and then a paid test week. Connect with your staff on how the tests went. If it’s not a resounding yes from your team, then they’re not hired. Let your current employees essentially hire the new one.

When reflecting on the session and the benefits of lean manufacturing, Scott Garnett, King Screen, said: “The one thing we can’t manufacture more of is time. Firepower isn’t always the answer; the process is the answer. We are manufacturing time [with lean manufacturing]. We are getting time back.”

Peter Melby, Greystone Technology: Boss or Babysitter?

“The more you babysit, the more you need to babysit,” said Peter in his session about people problems and company culture, reminding the audience culture is how we engage and interact with each other as humans, not having a foosball table or offering unlimited PTO.

Clear direction enables autonomy = accountability. Set no compromise expectations, explain clearly, and integrate into the hiring process.

Peter suggested team leaders/managers should ask the same four questions and answer the same four questions during performance reviews. Send these to your staff members ahead of time and go over both answers during a 1:1 meeting.


Ask your employee:

  • What are you succeeding at?
  • What are you working to improve?
  • What roadblocks are in your way?
  • How can I support you better?

Answer these on behalf of the employee:

  • What were my standout actions?
  • Where have you seen growth?
  • What do I need to adjust?
  • Am I meeting expectations?

Top Quotes:

  • “Work sucks. Pick the place to work that sucks the least.” — Brett Bowden, Printed Threads and MADE Lab
  • “Inject value, not your identity, into your company… The right partner can be better than a full exit.” — Nick Sambrato, Mama’s Sauce
  • A morning meeting is an investment in your team. — Lukas Holland, FastCap
  • “Lean doesn’t work if the top leader doesn’t follow through. — Paul Akers, FastCap



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