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Vastex Int'l now offers its Air-Flash flash-cure unit in a larger model. The new 18 x 24-in. (457 x 610-mm) size can be adjusted to output air only, heat and air, and modulate the air velocity and the temperature. It’s offered in a 4,300-w model at 240 v. A 140-CFM blower draws air through a filtered intake, sends it through an air diverter, then distributes it across the heater face. The unit’s adjustable heat shield is designed to maintain temperature close to the edges of the heater, and it has an air-cooled outer skin and side handles to prevent scorching fingers and overheating the blower. Vastex says the system can flash plastisol in as little as in 4 sec. Diagnostic pilot lights indicate when there’s a problem. Two options available: a stand and an auto flash, which is an automatic head swing with gear motor, foot pedal, and automatic timer. Vastex Int'l, Inc., 1032 N. Irving St., Allentown, PA 18109, 610-434-6004, fax: 610-434-6607, Web:


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