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How to Use Social Media to Promote Your Business

Q&A with Adrienne Palmer, editor-in-chief of Screen Printing magazine, and Tania Aguirre, chief brand officer, OmniPrint International.




How to Use Social Media to Promote Your Business

Tania Aguirre: You are an expert in the media industry, and we are unquestionably moving to an online era, for that reason, what social media platforms are the most in-demand for promoting a screen printing business?

Adrienne Palmer: It really depends on who your clients are and what platforms they are using. I suggest having presence on all platforms (Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter) and then seeing what gains the most interaction. You can then focus your main efforts on that specific channel, and then repost on the other platforms. From our experience at Screen Printing, Instagram and Facebook are the most popular tools.

TA: Right now it is important to be in front of your customer on social media. What are some actionable tips that people can do today? 

AP: Absolutely. The majority of your customers are on their phones and computers now more than ever. This is a time to be honest with your customers and show them who you are and what you’re doing during this time. If you’ve shifted to creating masks, tell them. They’re most likely looking for a trusted source to purchase personal protective equipment from. If your business is not deemed essential, let your customers know right away and give them updates on the status of their orders.

TA: What would be one game-changer tip for people’s business or personal social media accounts?


AP: Follow and interact with as many influential industry people as possible. This includes experts, consultants, media outlets, associations, events, and other screen printers. This will not only help increase your followers and engagement on your own page, you will also gain a wider network and deeper insight into the industry.

TA: The companies used to be the brand, and now the person behind the company is the brand. What can someone do to show their audience what they are about?

AP: Yes, if you are the owner/founder/CEO make sure you are the brand ambassador. Connect with your customers on a 1:1 level. Show them your passion for your work and your product. You can utilize the Instagram story question tool if you really want to connect with your audience. Let them ask questions with a direct response from the leader of the company. But it doesn’t always have to be about you or from you. Show videos of your employees printing shirts “behind the scenes.” Share a local newspaper article covering your shop’s work. Customers today care more about things like sustainability and corporate social responsibility. Make sure you’re sharing

TA: For those who were in the process of starting their business, what is the most impact thing they can do? 

AP: Find your differentiator. And constantly use that in your social media and brand awareness posts. What makes you different from your competitor down the street? Is it live printing at events? Is your customer service better than the rest? Do you consistently give back to your community? Do your employees absolutely love working for you? Are they genuinely happy to come to work every day? Why should someone come to you? Beginners in the business have to find what makes them stand out or they’re going to get swallowed up in the mix. And remember, bigger isn’t always better. Find your unique niche. You don’t have to be everything for everyone.

TA: As we all know, we’re dealing with a brand new normal where video is vital for communication. What are some practical steps to save time and money that people can do with their communication?


AP: What makes this time so unique is that we are all in the same situation. Most of us on this virtual conference are sitting in our living rooms with our laptop or phone and a pair of headphones. That’s honestly all you need to communicate with your customers in a video format. Easy and cheap additions to enhance the video experience are a tripod to hold your phone steady and a ring light, which can cost you as low as $20 each on Amazon.

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