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Teckwin says its new TeckThunder hybrid UV inkjet printer ventures beyond photorealism into true photographic quality. The printer uses Xaar printheads, supports resolutions up to 1440 dpi, and prints a five-color (CMYK + White) UV-curable inkset. TeckThunder can print at speeds up to 168 sq ft/hr (16 sq m/hr) and onto media up to 66 in. (1679 mm) wide. Manual or automatic print-carriage-height control with automatic material-thickness detection facilitates printing onto media up to 0.60 in. (15 mm) thick. It also features two sets of UV lamps, a Windows XP workstation, and Teckwin Edition RIP from Caldera. Teckwin Int’l USA, 3270 W. Oquendo, Rd., Unit 101, Las Vegas, NV 89118, 702-736-1516, fax: 702-736-6965, Web:


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